Heron Haven

All my life I’ve had dreams where I’m exploring room after room in a large house.  I marvel at the immensity of the house and the feeling of discovery borders on euphoria.  Somewhere I’ve read that the house symbolizes the self.  Many of my dream houses are situated near a body of water — usually in a happy sense, although sometimes waves crash through rooms and pull them out to sea.  In “real” life, I grew up in houses by the river, and never thought I’d be lucky enough to live in one as an adult (ie, afford one).   Sooo . . . I was elated when my in-laws acquiesced to a shared living arrangement in this beautiful, pink heap of dilapidation called Heron Haven, a 1989 custom home that is known as a “cliffhanger” because it is structurally bolted into the side of the river bank.   Configured like a cruise ship, all rooms (except bathrooms) have water views.  When we first toured the house, I experienced the neverending passage of rooms that I knew from dreams.   Enough closets to hold my insane clothes collection, enough space for my art  — my heart stopped.  I am in love with this gorgeous behemoth.  It’s undergoing a sloooowww transformation.  We’re re-siding it in Hardieplank to give it a more contemporary look, and this is just the beginning.  A year from now, I’ll be listening to the water lap the dock as I type.  I know Heron Haven will force me to confront and discover rooms within myself that I never knew existed.

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