Piriformis and Blue Hair

Is there anything more boring than hearing people’s pain management stories?  I have to say, my faux retirement has much to commend it, including sleeping late, napping, having cocktails whenever the hell I want, finally starting to run again on a regular basis, but my body says ‘oh no you didn’t, bitch’ and smacked me down with this stupid neuromuscular disorder that I will now describe in as few words as possible.  Buttock spasms.  Back pain.  90-year-old-crone hobbling.  Vanity knows no bounds, however, so I winced behind the wheel for a 90 minute drive to keep my hair appointment, where I chickened out of dying my hair completely blue and settled for a few blue streaks,  mixed by master chemical sister Stacie.  Also, their house masseuse pounded and kneaded me for half an hour which helped immensely.  Okay, so what was I saying?  A bearded man with long hair just appeared in the bedroom and handed me a mimosa.  I am so nearsighted that I thought it was Jesus, but put on my glasses and realized it was my husband.  Cheers, ya’ll!  Happy Sunday!

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  1. 30 minute massage? a tease indeed.

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