Thanks for all things big and small . . .

This post is brought to you by my friend Heatherrrrrrr, who lit a guilt-fire under my ass for not blogging in so long.  Check out her blog at  She is way more regular than I am.  There is no one huge topic or personal drama for today.  Just some updates and thanks for some delightful things in my life that have happened.  First of all, check out image of Heron Haven, my big blue box that has astonished and/or delighted everyone in the neighborhood or anyone crossing the 528 bridge with an eye for architecture, or anyone who is not blind, for that matter, because it is really bright.  This is the first time in my life that I’ve carried out this large a creative project, and to see this  house journey from a faded, rickety mess to a sleek contemporary style statement has been more than rewarding.   It has been a personal affirmation that my vision works.

Other  cool things:

My mother-in-law recalled the time she auditioned for the Weeki Wachee  Springs underwater show in Spring Hill, Florida.  She passed the audition, but decided that living in a dormitory with other mermaids (who looked “pretty tough, but with a lot of makeup on”) out in the middle of nowhere was worse than her home of teenage imprisonment in Ocala,  so she passed on her chance  to flip her tail at a famous Florida water park.  Her next attempt to get out of Ocala saw her trying out to be a stewardess, another audition she passed, but then she wasn’t old enough to be hired and “the bitch [her mother] wouldn’t sign the papers to say I was over 18!”  Girl could not catch a break!   Every day there’s a gem like this.  I could really start another blog called Shit My Mother-in-Law Says, like that guy who wrote about his dad.

I have got three clients at the moment and they are keeping me busy with my new freelance writing  work, which is becoming a  viable career, after all.   Thanks for my friends Pat, Ellen, and my therapist for giving me suggestions and connections that steered me in the right direction.

Guilty thanks to my online hobby photo

Weeki Wachee Mermaids

Weeki Wachee Mermaids (Photo credit: Wendell Reed)

Pinterest, which devours my downtime and pushes all my addict-aesthete-hoarder-artist-geek-obsessive-autodidact-introvert buttons at the same time —  without credit card debt– and there are others like me out there, all over the world, who I admire from afar but never have to talk to.  Sweeeeeet!

Overall, I’m just grateful that I’m finally doing what I want to do, living how I want to live, and that there are dolphins swimming past my dock.


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  1. greg

    congrats on the writing

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