Take Off Those Skinny Jeans (please!)

Take Off Those Skinny Jeans (please!).


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2 responses to “Take Off Those Skinny Jeans (please!)

  1. Bobbie Sommer

    Hey Gal, So glad to know I’m not simply too old to understand why people want to wear something that required prescription drugs to cure the after effects thereof. Urinary tract and yeast infections are not fun….or sexy!!!!! In fact, they can cause you to never feel sexy again, ever! The main problem is, for us oldies, especially ones with a few pounds on them, it’s hard to find any jeans, or other pants, for that matter, that aren’t cut so low you look like you’ve got an inner tube where the waist/hips should be. Lately I’ve been envying you that pair of white pants you bought when we went shopping in the resale store. I never intent to buy anything again that doesn’t have elastic in the waistline. If you get tired of them, or run out of anywhere to put them, just drop them in the post to me, will you? And, I promise to never ever after say, “I don’t wear an 11; I wear an 8!!!!!!!!

    By the way, how can I get into your Pinterest (spelling?) so I can see your pictures? Love you, Bobbi

  2. This too shall pass. These things always do. Although the baggy-jeans-below-the-ass thing persists, so then again…

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